Information for tax exemption procedure

In our restaurant, we will have 1.1% of product price targeted for tax exemption as tax exemption fee.

We would appreciate your understanding beforehand.

Target person

Of non-resident and buyer in Japan (agent impossibility)
※With the non-residence
①Foreigner within stay six months when we do not emigrate to Japan (on date of reentrance for impropriety)
②Japanese person that we live abroad more than two years and are within stay six months by temporary homecoming

Application period

Purchase limit (during business period) on that day ※Future tax exemption procedure is impossible

Confirmation matter at the time of tax exemption procedure













①Person Passport or manning landing permit
 ※Being impossible of copying, and there being entry stamp (seal)
 ※Japanese peregrine needs "overseas residence visa" "ID card"
 ※In the case of the departure, submit attached purchase record table to the customs

②Purchase product
 ※On the day thing which he/she purchased is best

③Receipt (receipt impossibility)
 ※Handwriting, automatic issuance receipt are impossible
 ※Receipt adding up that he/she purchased other than the day is impossible

④Credit card
 ※It is only on the condition that we used at the time of the purchase
 ※Credit card and agreement of name of Passport are necessary
 ※Of corporation card is unavailable

Return method

Cash (Japanese Yen) and credit card return

Procedure place

Tax exemption counter on the first floor

Tax exemption condition

It is limited to the purchase for individual. (business is inapplicable.)

General article
●Fashion goods
●Accessories, clock

More than purchase total tax-included 5,400 yen in the day to 540,000 yen

●Expendable supplies pack in transparent bag of with prescribed seal tape. This bag must not open until we leave Japan.

●Expendable supplies which we freed from taxation must not use in the country. In addition, you must take out into foreign territory within 30 days.

●Please be careful when you open bag and use the contents as the amount of tax is collected at the customs.

Expendable supplies




More than 5,400 yen in total tax-included purchase in the day

●Please take out into foreign territory within six months from the purchase.

●When the purchase totals in the same day exceed 1 million yen, please let me take copying of Passport.

We use copy only when there is disclosure request of the government.

●When product which purchased after the tax exemption procedure is returned, of tax exemption fee cannot refund.

Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※Please confirm product that import is prohibited in each country by each person.